Using brain science to unlock peak performance


amplifire leverages neurobiology and cognitive psychology to dramatically improve learning 


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Stronger ROI for every learning dollar spent

amplifire systematically enhances workforce performance through improved learning outcomes

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Test prep programs with a reputation for success


amplifire delivers higher test scores and improved pass rates that elite students can trust

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Improving education one student at a time


amplifire's adaptive algorithms enable the most efficient, personalized learning

experience on the market

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  Raise scores, improve pass rates &   build a reputation for success.
  Boost performance & satisfaction with powerful, personalized learning.
  Improve learning, boost performance &   enhance your company's bottom line.



Knowledge Factor is changing the way some of the nation's

leading organizations approach learning and training.

The company's innovative amplifire learning software combines more than a decade of research in neurobiology & cognitive psychology with big-data analytics to deliver the most powerful, personally adaptive solution on the market. amplifire helps users of all types and ages quickly learn the information they need to know, remember it long term and accurately recall it when it counts — on tests, in class and on the job.

Not only are users leveraging amplifire to reach their peak performance, but Knowledge Factor partners and clients are also experiencing big business gains as a result of incorporating amplifire into their test prep, educational or corporate learning programs. See for yourself how Knowledge Factor's amplifire is impacting the efficacy of learning across a wide variety of industries.